Valley View Heights Assisted Living offers seniors an opportunity to remain independent with the added benefit of nearby assistance when needed.

Here, people with the same interests become friends over a steaming cup of coffee or a rousing game of cards. Speakers, religious services, activities and outings are planned to enhance tenants' lives and provide them with new experiences creating a lifestyle that is both comfortable and rewarding. People who retire at Valley View Heights are free to spend more time with family, enjoying hobbies and traveling without worry because we take care of all home and yard maintenance - even the cooking if you wish! According to a recent survey our tenant satisfaction rating is 98.87%


Welcome and thank you for taking a moment to visit our website! At Valley View Heights, we are very proud of our long history of providing care and services for those in need in a Christian manner. We believe in sharing God’s love each and every day; with hope that we can enrich the lives of those we care for, those who visit us and those who work with us! Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or to request further information.