It’s About Choice

We believe dining should be an experience. That is why our Chef creates extra special meals for our diners throughout the year.

When our Chef isn’t planning the meals our dietitians do and they don’t just plan meals – they create innovative menus that are prepared by some of the finest chefs in Bismarck! People who average over 10 years of experience and who have passed a national restaurant serve safe exam.

Tenants are able to choose between two entrees, soup, salad and sandwich options at each meal. Selective menus and specialized diets are available.

Look Who’s Coming To Dinner!

Tenants can enjoy fine meals with friends and family in our beautiful, spacious dining room. And if it’s a smaller, cozy affair you’d rather have, just reserve our private dining room. We do require advance notice for guests especially at holiday time as seating is limited. To make a reservation just phone 221-3018.