Q. What sets you apart from all other assisted living facilities? 
A. We are part of Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center which has been providing quality service in this community since 1967. Very few assisted living communities are attached to a skilled facility such as we are. This makes it easier to visit if one spouse is in the care center and another in assisted living. It also makes it easier to recover from an injury in the care center and return home or to have therapy set up services in your own apartment.

Q. Does long term care insurance pay in your facility? 
A. Valley View Heights does meet the criteria that most insurance companies have set up for a facility to qualify. However, the insurance company will look at the individual to see if they need assistance with activities of daily living. This must be verified by the attending physician.

Q. When my kids visit can they stay overnight in my apartment? 
A. Absolutely! This is your private apartment. The only rules we have are based on safety for others. They are: no smoking, no lit candles, no space heaters, no pets and no guns are allowed.

Q. Can I have guests for meals? 
A. Yes, we welcome guests. There is a private dining room that can be reserved for your get together or your guests can join you in the main dining room. Just notify the front desk of your plans. There is a minimal fee for guest meals.

Q. What kinds of things do you do to enrich the lives of tenants? 
A. Group exercise along with exercise equipment is available to keep the mind and body healthy. And because music is good for the soul, we have a large variety of music that appeals to just about everyone! Guest speakers keep us entertained and educated on topics that are interesting and relevant. And we believe that opportunities for creativity are essential which prompts us to offer a wide variety of crafts and art opportunities. Although pets aren’t allowed to be kept, we do have pet visits monthly. And, we have partnered with local colleges to share experiences and advance the education of students there. Of course, what fun would life be without celebrations and parties so we have plenty of those!

Q. What is your staff turnover like? 
A. Valley View Heights is not only a great place to live it’s a great place to work. This is evidenced by a very low turnover rate of employees. Many have been at Valley View Heights since the day the doors were opened! For you this means not having to get to know new caregivers every month.