"My friends ask how I felt about moving to Valley View Heights. I tell them I gained the independence to do the things I want to do because the staff will do the things I don’t want to do." ~ Loretta D

"Thanks for taking care of Dad! It’s so good to know he is in a safe and caring environment."       ~ Family Member

"I enjoy living here and would recommend it to anyone." ~ Tenant

"It’s wonderful living here. I highly recommend Valley View Heights to friends or anyone that might be looking in the near future." ~ Tenant

"Thank you for the concern and care you have provided, it truly is my new home." ~ Tenant

"We love it here at Valley View Heights! Everybody is so nice to both of us." ~ Tenant

"We are so glad we chose Valley View!" ~ Tenant

"I feel blessed to be able to live here among such a friendly community. The staff is so very competent, caring, and responsive to our needs. Cheers and accolades to all of them!" ~ Tenant

"Valley View Heights is a nice place to live. I have lived here over 3 years. I don't have any complaints. Everyone is very nice to talk to, employees and tenants. I haven't heard any complaints. I hear many comments on the good food. Everyone does a great job. I tell my friends and anyone that asks, 'I've liked it here since the first day I came, and I still do.'" ~ Tenant

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